Colorado is home to thousands of lakes and reservoirs that are great places for camping, fishing, water activities, and observing wildlife.

Which Colorado reservoirs are the largest? A tricky question indeed. Surveys are done only so often. The reservoir you caught fish in two years ago could be dry the next time you return due to extreme heat and drought.

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Colorado 38 Largest Lakes and Reservoirs Ranked By Size

In the photo gallery below we will include all the Colorado lakes and reservoirs that are larger than 40,000 acre-feet or 49 million cubic meters. Bring on the Biggens.

Which Colorado Reservoir Has the Highest Elevation?

The reservoir at the top is the Homestake Reservoir in Pitkin/Eagle County. It sits at 10,266 feet and probably stays pretty cold all year.

Which Colorado Reservoirs are Among the Largest?

The Najavo Reservoir at Navajo State Park is the largest reservoir in Colorado. Fed by the San Juan River, this reservoir is shared by three counties and two states.

Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Colorado that is not shared by any other state.

Colorado Lakes and Reservoirs Ranked by Volume

Data from the United States Beuro of Reclamation uses maximum flood pool as a volume indication for a lake or reservoir. This figure is not necessarily the operational or storage capacity of the body of water. Scroll on to see some of the best places for fun on the water in Colorado.

These are Colorado's Largest Lakes and Reservoirs

These are the largest lakes and reservoirs in Colorado. Without them, parts of the state would not last in the high desert climate. Find out more about their location, volume, and elevation from largest to smallest.

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