While Colorado has many different sights and attractions to keep tourists busy, one of our more iconic destinations was ranked as one of the more overrated places to visit worldwide

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What Are Colorado's Most Overrated Tourist Attractions?

Born and raised in Colorado, I'll be the first to admit, that I've become numb to all of the beauty we offer around our amazing state. Sure, we have 300 days of sunshine each year, and we're the home of the current and defending NBA Champion Denver Nuggets, three-time Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche, and three-time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, but our sites and experiences around the state are the real reason why people come to visit. One of our most famous and iconic attractions was recently ranked as one of the most overrated that there is.

Colorado's Most Overrated Attraction Is?

Our friends at USA Today found, what they called, the "Top 100 biggest tourist traps worldwide" in which they listed out the worst tourist traps, most overpriced, and most overrated attractions not just in the U.S., but the world. Sadly, when it came to the most overrated list, Colorado had its name attached to the Top 20...

Pikes Peak Is Colorado's Most Overrated Attraction

Coming in at number 20 on the USA Today's list was Colorado Springs' own, Pikes Peak. In the over 23 million Google reviews that USA Today analyzed, there were many comments that specifically mention the Pikes Peak Railway, which is historic all on its own as it's the highest railroad in the entire country. The "Four Corners" and Voodoo Donuts (both in Colorado) also made the USA Today's rankings. Have you ever been to Pikes Peak? Would you consider it "overrated?"

A Sad Goodbye To Colorado's 1stBank Center... Final Event Is Over

While the plan was to officially close the doors on November 30th, their final event according to their upcoming events schedule, and confirmed by the staff that we spoke to, was on Wednesday, September 27th. Here's a final look inside the popular Denver area arena during its final event.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

All the Businesses Colorado Sadly Lost This Year, So Far

While the list is much longer, here are some of the Colorado businesses that we were most sad to see go in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob

Top 3 BEST Haunted Attraction In The Country Is In Colorado

Celebrating its 22nd season, Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms is the best-haunted attraction in Colorado and the entire country. Don't take our word for it though...Terror was rated #1 in Colorado and #3 in the Nation by TheScareFactor.com. It was also rated as one of the top 45 haunted attractions in the country by The Haunted Attraction Association.

Year after year it gets better and better, and for your money, you won't find anything better in Colorado, period. Without giving away any of the secrets of this amazing mile of mayhem, here are some of the characters to look out for during your visit...

Gallery Credit: Courtesy of Anderson Farms

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