The City of Loveland has updated the information on the algae bloom that caused Loveland water to taste and smell funny.

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Cooler early October temperatures were helping to reduce the taste and odor in the drinking water, but as you know, we've had a heatwave across the state and is working against the algae at this point. Warm fall temperatures are allowing the algae at Green Ridge Glade Reservoir to flourish rather than die. Since there's no frost in sight to help kill the algae, Loveland's algae situation will continue to be one.

There has been a reduction in the demand for water as irrigation season slows, and water treatment officials believe that will help alleviate some of the issues. Staff will continue to treat the water with powdered activated carbon to help mitigate taste and odor problems.

Testing in the Big Thompson River are significantly lower than those in the reservoir as found in recent testing and staff will continue to monitor the river.

As outlined in the "Why Water in Loveland has Looked and Smelled Funny:"

The Water is Safe

Don’t worry! The water is safe! Water quality specialists have been closely monitoring water quality by testing water samples at the water treatment plant and also at homes and businesses throughout the city. Loveland Water and Power water continues to meet state and federal regulatory requirements for drinking water.