Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence clearly became friends while filming their upcoming sci-fi epic, Passengers.

Appearing together on The Ellen Show, the actor and actress divulged to host Ellen DeGeneres that while filming on set, Lawrence would occasionally burst out singing "Believe" by Cher.

"I didn't realize that I did that," Lawrence laughed. "That must be like, a tic! What an annoying tic! Oh my God, I'm getting a wake-up call on Ellen."

"No, it's great," Pratt assured her. "You have just an incredible singing voice."

"I can't imagine how annoying that must be," the actress added, "when you're trying to memorize the lines and I just [keep singing Cher]."

"I was like, I do! I believe in life after love," Pratt joked.

But apparently Lawrence wasn't the only one displaying her vocal talents on set, telling DeGeneres that "he's really good" at rapping.

Faced with the possibility of being asked to rap on live network television, Pratt admitted, "I'm starting to sweat. Do you see sweat pouring out of me? I get moob sweat... man boobs!"

Watch the sweaty situation below:

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