Here's some good news for anyone who's been quarantining with a child for the past few months.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), children's day camps and youth sports camps will open next Monday (June 1).

However, open camps must adhere to the following rules:

  • allowing no more than 25 campers in a group outside
  • allowing no more than 10 campers in a room
  • staggering drop-off, pickup, and meal times
  • sending home any ill employees or campers
  • providing information from health agencies
  • enforcing social distancing
  • cleaning and disinfecting any commonly touched surfaces
  • limiting activities that require contact closer than six feet

Campers and employees must follow similar rules, including:

  • getting screened for symptoms at drop-off and pickup
  • getting a temperature check/tested if showing symptoms
  • developing educational and safety protocols to watch for symptoms
  • determining which employees are vulnerable to COVID-19
  • washing hands frequently and wearing face coverings when possible

Each camp will also have to develop a COVID-19 prevention plan, ensure that on-site amenities are safe and available, and thoroughly train staff on Colorado's public health orders prior to opening.

Overnight camps are prohibited until officials are able to reevaluate the situation later this summer; nonetheless, single-night excursions are allowed as long as all protocols are followed.

A full list of the CDPHE's requirements for day camps can be found here.

Thankfully, the kiddos still have camp to look forward to this summer. Just don't let them forget to pack a mask.

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