June 22, 2023, brought some pretty crazy weather just south of the Denver metro area. Golf ball-sized hail piled up along C-470, and several people reported storm damage over the course of the afternoon as a tornado barreled through Highlands Ranch.

The National Weather Service in Boulder plotted an estimated track for the tornado running parallel to 470 between Quebec and Lucent.

Some of the footage to come out since the storm has had a chilling effect, particularly in a series of tweets from renowned storm chaser Reed Timmer. Timmer is a Colorado resident who lives in Golden, and is well known for starring in the series on the Discovery Channel called "Storm Chasers." He travels all across the country documenting large storms and particularly tornadoes and just happened to find himself in the middle of one Thursday afternoon on C-470.

Some of the other footage he captured or shared included a pretty epic time-lapse video of the tornado developing and sweeping across the area, shot from the dashboard of a car weaving its way through traffic on 470, trying to get a better angle to have a look.

The video was shot by another storm chaser from Denver, named Chris Riske.

You can view the above time-lapse as a real-time video on Riske's YouTube channel.

Reports of widespread damage through the area underscore how fortunate it was that nobody was injured in the storm, though the Douglas County Sheriff's Office did receive several calls for help during and immediately after the storm.

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