With the announcement that major league baseball was returning to Colorado as soon as late July, baseball lovers rejoiced.

When Charlie Blackmon then revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19, baseball lovers shuddered at the thought of one of their favorite players possibly being down for the count.

However, Blackmon has since overcome COVID-19, and thankfully, he's ready to play just in time for opening day.

Blackmon obviously didn't experience major symptoms of COVID-19 like many other Americans have: according to Denver7, for 36 hours he had minor symptoms: "a headache, body soreness and a cough. Though he improved quickly, he was unable to workout."

This makes for a challenging— and quick— attempt to regain his strength in time for the first game of the season. However, Blackmon says that he never considered not playing, and will be ready in time to have a great season.

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