Hooray! Trey Parker and Matt Stone are 'this close' to being the owners of Casa Bonita as the landmark restaurant will open again.

It was October 19, 2021, that things looked like they might get all fouled up, like Cartman working a plan to get a day off from school, when it came to the South Park guys purchasing Casa Bonita.

That local group, 'Save Casa Bonita', had petitioned the sale, because they had presented an offer that was, on the surface, more than the South Park offer, and rules state that their offer should have been the one accepted, not the South Park one.

Now, 'Save Casa Bonita', has stepped off, as of November 2, according to Westword. Parker and Stone are set to pay $3.1 million for Casa Bonita, as well as an additional sum of money (which could also be in the millions) for the intellectual properties of the restaurant. That's where I believe 'Save Casa Bonita's' offer actually comes out to be less than the South Park offer, so they withdrew their petition.

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I have one word: Imminent. The South Park guys' owning Casa Bonita is Imminent.  I think the next big headline for this will be 'South Park Creators Announce Opening Date for New Casa Bonita,' which should come sometime in 2022, maybe 2023.

How many South Park references will they bring into the 'new' restaurant?

  • Will Butters get his own section?
  • Will Tegridy Farms be included?
  • Will 4th Graders get a discount?

Another question: Will Parker and Stone franchise their version of Casa Bonita?

Fingers crossed that we see the new place, soon.

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