Carl Rae Jepsen probably made enough cash and buzz off of ‘Call Me Maybe’ to sustain her for a lifetime, but not necessarily to sustain her stans for that long. The good news for fans of the preternaturally youthful 26-year-old? Snippets of her album ‘Kiss’ hit the Web, and they were pretty good. The bad news? They got yanked pretty swiftly by Universal Music Group.

Jepsen released the girly, twee handwritten track listing for ‘Kiss,’ and now we can put audio with her doodled visuals. (For real though, CRJ makes even Zooey Deschanel look positively matronly.) Fans of bubblegum likely won’t be disappointed by this record.

From what we heard before the clips got removed from YouTube: ‘Tiny Little Bows’ is a frenetic, 80′s style dance track, evocative of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany — it totally matches the retro styling of her album cover, and it’s super catchy and fun (like another little ditty she sang). It’s very junior high romance: “I want to be holding hands.” Aww! Track two, ‘This Kiss’ is a bit like Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream,’ and the verses are similar to ‘Tiny Little Bows” hook.

‘Curiosity,’ the title track from Jepsen’s Canadian EP, appears here, and it’s the most sonically similar to ‘Call Me Maybe’ in terms of instrumentation and vocals. The lovelorn ‘More Than a Memory’ showcases Jepsen’s breathy vocals alongside a midtempo beat, and reminds us a bit of Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away,’ while ‘Turn Me Up’ brings us back to the 80′s style beats and kicks that jerk to the curb once and for all.

Unfortunately, Jepsen’s label removed the clips before we can hear the rest, but we can say with confidence that fans of ‘Call Me Maybe’ will absolutely love ‘Kiss.’ And if you’re sick of ‘Call Me Maybe?’ All this ‘Kiss’ will do is give you the audio equivalent of mono. Just learn to embrace it, because it’s going to be all over your radio soon enough.

Watch the Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

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