The world is a little chaotic right now; here's a reminder of how small we are. Here's one thing you won't see on your friends' Instagram stories (while you endlessly peruse social media during social distancing): photos from space ⁠— only NASA can do that.

You should be able to recognize this one...

It's Fort Collins, duh (hi, Mom).

This one is what full-on conspiracies are made of...

Did NASA take this picture, or was it... aliens? It's DIA.

This one is actually just a close-up of moldy bread.

Nah, just kidding. It's the Rocky Mountains covered in snow. Beautiful.

This is a National Park from space, can you guess which one?

Answer: Great Sand Dunes.

This is where our peaches come from.

It's the Western Slope and Grand Junction.

To see even more Colorado space pics, check out the NASA website.

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