Camille Cosby, wife of Bill Cosby, was deposed on Monday in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. The case was filed by seven of the roughly fifty women who have come forward with sexual assault and misconduct accusations against Cosby. Camille's lawyers previously attempted to block the deposition.

According to a report by Billboard, the deposition is believed to be Camille's first in the ongoing case against her husband, and was "given under heavy security" at the Marriott hotel in Springfield, MA. The deposition is said to have taken about seven or eight hours, with Joseph Cammarata, one of the lawyers representing Cosby's accusers, claiming that a judge had to be consulted twice during the deposition.

While Cammarata could not comment on the exact nature of the questions Mrs. Cosby was asked to answer, he did share that Camille, who has been married to Cosby for 52 years and has served as his business manager, has had the ability to "live with him, be with him... understand who he associates with."

Cammarata also described her as being "reserved" during the testimony, sharing he had the sense that "she really didn't want to be there."

Camille has stood by her husband publicly since the accusations of multiple sexual-assaults over a span of fifty years became highly publicized in late 2014. She will return for a second deposition on March 14, location yet to be determined.

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