On Thursday, April 16,  it was reported that Denver Bronco's player Von Miller tested positive for COVID-19. On Friday, the 31-year-old pro football player is speaking publicly about his condition and recovery, saying that he is 'feeling better,' and has had mild symptoms. 

Miller spoke with 3rd Hour of TODAY remotely as he recovered from his Denver home, discussing his symptoms and how they started with a 'simple cough.' The linebacker, who is asthmatic, was told by his girlfriend that he 'didn't sound normal.'

After his nebulizer didn't help with his cough, his assistant urged him to get tested for COVID-19. Two days later, he was told by his doctor that he was positive for the virus.

'I was shocked,' Miller said. 'We've been taking this serious since day one...I've been here in Denver for about four weeks now, and within that four weeks I've probably left the house four times.... never got out of the car, just the drive to pick up food and come back home.'

Miller acknowledged that he has had people like 'workers and maids' in and out of his home in that time.

'We shouldn't move too fast,' Miller said about the uncertainty of fans attending football games in the fall. 'Just should do whatever is safe.'

You can see the full video from Twitter below.

Fort Collins COVID-19 Test Site

COVID-19 Testing Site

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