After opening its doors in 1990, Breckenridge Brewery, is now considered one of the best craft brews in the country, with a distinguished Colorado feel and growing brand. Breckenridge Brewery is one of the many brands joining us for America On Tap Saturday, May 2, at Washington Park.

After years of brewing his own home brew for friends and family, founder Richard Squire realized that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy his creation. In 1990, he opened the doors to Breckenridge Brewery, only the third craft brew in Colorado, in historic Breckenridge Colorado. Growing quickly, in 1992, they moved their brewing operations to Denver Colorado, while also keeping their tasting room in Breckenridge, for locals, tourist and for the those special project brews.

This brewery grew from its humble beginning, to now serving 35 states, and has become one of the most successful and recognized craft bears in the nation. Recently they were recognized as the only Colorado craft beer, outside of Northern Colorado, to be ranked in the top 50 in the nation. This success is allowing Breckenridge to grow again, this time into a state of the art, thirteen acre facility, set to open at the end of May in Denver, that will include a restaurant and its own farmland for small specialty batches.

Todd Thibault, Culture Czar for Breckenridge Brewery, feels that Colorado is the perfect place for craft beers. That craft beers "fit the local Colorado lifestyle," and that Colorado offers a unique opportunity to brew many different styles of beers, like ambers, hoppy beers, IPA's and nitro's. In Colorado, you can brew all of them, and they are all great.

Breckenridge Brewery is now known for several of its signature brews, and are excited to for their latest release, the Breck IPA.


  • Nitro Vanilla Porter (NVP)

    A herb and spice beer, with smooth roasted chocolate and a creamy vanilla finish. It has 4.7% alcohol by volume, and has a "vortex of flavors" and a blast of nitrogen.

  • Avalanche Ale

    This 4.4% alcohol by volume American Amber, has a slight hop character with caramel maltiness. Avalanche Ale has a kiss of bittering hops with both pale and caramel malts.

  • Agave Wheat

    This is a light refreshing beer that has been described as familiar, yet creative. Agave Wheat, is a 4.2% alcohol by volume, that is an American unfiltered wheat ale with the signature ingredient, Agave.

  • Breck IPA

    Breckenride Brewery's latest addition to their lineup, Breck IPA is a Colorado-style India Pale Ale. This IPA was birthed from a year long experimentation process, filled with scrutiny of every ingredient. The secret of this IPA, is the rare malt variety that is used. So rare in fact, that Breckenridge acquired half the total crop that was available. The result, is a balanced treat, that has a distinctive prominent floral and fruit aroma. Breck IPA is a 6.3% alcohol by volume that will be available year-round with a bitterness unit of 66.

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