On Tuesday, April 28, Boulder became the latest city to mandate the use of face masks when performing any and all essential shopping duties. According to Fox 31, this means everyone must wear a mask or covering of some sort  while shopping or face a fine.

In Aspen, which has enacted this mandate as well, shoppers without a mask could face a punishment of $50. However, Erie, located in both Weld and Boulder County, faces two contradictory views about the virus.

Weld County has enacted a "Safer-at-Work" response to Polis' "Safer at Home" policy, where they have allowed business owners to go back to work since technically, they cannot force them to close. With Boulder more stringent on their mask use and following "Safer at Home", how will Erie move forward?

According to 9News, "on Tuesday, Town of Erie Trustees will vote on a resolution to have the Weld County side of the town -- the downtown side -- abide by the state's 'Safer at Home' order." This way, Erie County can protect themselves if any lawsuits are filed during the pandemic.

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