Pizza and Netflix are really the ones getting all the action this Valentine's Day weekend according to #SingleLifeIn3Words on Twitter. We also asked Northern Coloradans what you thought.

My faves from the Twitterverse:

As One Direction once said, 'Story of my lifeeee.'

Probably not helping your case, but you do you, girl. You do you.

And this beautiful poem:

Meanwhile, in Northern Colorado...


Liberty over tyranny.

-Elvin, Fort Collins

Please swipe right

-Mollie Kendrick


Bed's all mine.

-Chris, Fort Collins


Chicken wing queen.

-Madi, Fort Collins


X-Box and scotch.

-Jake, Northern Colorado


Late night stupors.

-Tyler, Loveland


Only gay around.

-Kyle, Fort Collins


Alcohol. Pizza. Boring.

-Matt, Johnstown


Freedom to be.

-Jessi, Louisville:


Pizza Casbah delivers.

Brittany, Fort Collins


Call me, maybe?

-Carly Rae, Wellington


FoCo Cat Rescue.

-Shelby (me), Fort Collins

Our #SingleLifeIn3Words? Watch this video:


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