Halloween is officially over today, but that doesn't mean we can't remember the good times we all celebrated yesterday!

Kids brought home pounds of candy, baby Spidermen and Batmen littered the streets, and lady ninja turtles karate-chopped their way towards king-sized candy bars.  It was a good night.

For the adults, some may have ventured out to a Halloween party or two, or some may have stayed in for a good fall-themed movie night.  Either way, if you dressed up, you did the holiday proud-- and we want to show you off!

We posted a status on our Facebook page urging our listeners to submit their best costumes, whether that be from years past or this year; their costume or their childrens'. We got some amazing and adorable submissions, and even threw in some of our staff pictures at the end!  Let us know in the comments who you think has the best costume of them all, but overall, we think everyone looks pretty great.

Thanks for all of your submissions, and a Happy Late Halloween to you all!


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