There are endless social media options out there, but if you're looking for local sites that do a really great job in Fort Collins then here is the list for you.

The following 5 sites I find to be the most local and unique sites to follow in Fort Collins.


Feasting Fort Collins provides restaurant reviews and a dining guide for Fort Collins.

Kristin Mastre is the holder of the fork behind Feasting Fort Collins.  Kristin is a wife, a mother, a friend, a Personal Trainer and a Writer.  Kristin is the #1 top food blogger and restaurant critic in the City of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, specializing in craft beer and pairing dinners.

I talked with Kristin to let us share in her own words why we should follow Feasting Fort Collins and to give a little insight into the Fort Collins food scene.

What is Feasting Fort Collins?

Why has Feasting Fort Collins had such success?

Do you have to pay for your food?  Do you write 'bad' reviews too?

An expert opinion, the Top 3 Places to eat in Fort Collins




loading... is a blog where the Mayor, Heidi, talks about Colorado events, festivals and road trips. It's not a calendar of events, but rather stuff the Mayor likes, festivals like Niwot's Left-Hander Days.

Heidi created her own town to rule as the Mayor, that town is called HeidiTown.  Interesting huh?  I talked to The Mayor of to get the scoop.

What is

"Festival Feet" and what makes Heidi an festival expert

What makes a great festival?

As a festival expert, what is "The Mayor's" favorite festival food?


Get Bent: Guerrilla Yogis

Spontaneous, public yoga at parks and art galleries.  Cool!!!

"Yoga shouldn't just be for the super rich" Get Bent says, so they have formed a "group of Fun Havin' Enthusiasts who want to bring yoga to the good people of the Front Range".  They post locations for public yoga on Facebook.  This may be an art gallery, rooftop or a park.  And the group is donation based, so you pay if you want to.

I love the positive community feeling behind this.  I had to find out more.  I talked with Jackie, the lead yogi behind Get Bent: Guerrilla Yoga.

What do followers of Get Bent: Guerrilla Yoga gain?

Is this public yoga safe for beginners?

FACEBOOK- Facebook/GetBentGuerrillaYoga


Poudre River Public Libraries is an informative and fun site to follow.  You learn the informative "book" related things you would expect, but you also learn about great community events and fun facts like on July 13th when the PRPL informed us all that it was "Embrace Your Geekness Day".

Paula Watson-Lakamp the Communications Manager for the  Poudre River Public Libraries was kind enough to talk to us about how the library stays current and we got to have a little fun with librarian stereotypes too.

What is the biggest misconception of today's library?

No "bun contests"?  Paula talks librarians





If you have young kids is an essential site to follow.  NoCo Tots has parent and kids activities for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.  This is where I found a great group of Mom's to hang out with and kids for my toddler to play with.   They organize events through which is easy to use.  I asked one of the organizers, Robben George, a little bit more about the group.

Why should I follow NoCo Tots?

Dad's are not forgotten and there is family fun too!

Mom's Night Out, kid talk, but with cocktails (or ice tea)


Beet Street "is the voice of all things arts and culture in Fort Collins. Following Beet Street on Facebook allows you to know where you can find magicians, musicians and more in Fort Collins. It is informative, fun information that never seems to annoy me.

Holiday Twin Drive-In features great games and feel good fun on their Facebook page.

City of Fort Collins keeps you updated on city government as well as events around the city of Fort Collins.


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