Boulder County Public Health has released that bats found in Hygiene, Longmont, and Lyons tested positive for rabies.

Starting on Aug. 25, a bat was found in a home in Longmont. Then, on Aug. 26, two bats were found in Hygiene and Lyons. The bat in Hygiene was found when a cat got ahold of it. The second one in Lyons was found dead by a resident's dog.

Luckily, when Public health officials assessed the pets that came in contact with the bats, none tested positive as they had all received their rabies vaccine.

If rabies were to infect a pet, it is almost always fatal unless it's treated immediately. However, the initial bite, puncture, or scratch from a rabies-infected animal can be nearly undetectable at first.

In order to best prevent your risk of rabies exposure, Public health officials have shared some helpful tips.

  1. Never handle unfamiliar animals, even domestic ones. Always call animal control.
  2. Immediately wash any wound from an animal and seek medical attention right away.
  3. Stay up to date on your pets' vaccinations.
  4. If you or your pets have been bitten by or exposed to a bat, call your local public health department immediately.
  5. If faced with a bat in your home, try to contain it and contact animal control to do the rest.

According to the press release from the health department in Boulder, about 15% of bats submitted for testing test positive for rabies. Other animals that have tested positive for the disease over the last few years are skunks, raccoons, and foxes.

When in doubt, always remember to reach out to your local animal control office and local public health officials.


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