There were over 500,000 people celebrating the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup win on Thursday, so needless to say security was a big deal when it came to the celebration and keeping order throughout the day.

Officers were present everywhere during the parade. With all of the different people wearing Avs jerseys and the fact that Bo Byram looks like a college kid just hanging out, drinking a beer, and high-fiving people, there was a case of mistaken identity that thankfully was resolved relatively quickly.

21-year-old Avalanche star (who also came to play a few games with the Colorado Eagles this past season) Bowen "Bo" Byram went down to celebrate with the crowd for a couple of minutes during the parade and was stopped by a police officer when he tried to get back on the float because the officer thought he was a fan.

I mean, if you're not 100% familiar with what all of the players look like and you're trying to make sure everyone stays safe, it's an honest mistake:


I mean let's face it, Bo could pass for 16 or 17 years old so a big shout out to the officer for recognizing his mistake after a few seconds and letting him get back to the floats. I'm sure he, along with Byram and his teammates, got some good laughs after that.

All of Denver and Avs fans everywhere had lots to smile about over the past several days as the Stanley Cup returns home to Denver.

Congrats again to the Colorado Avalanche, 2022 Stanley Cup Champions.

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