[/caption]Every state has its good points and its bad ones, right? Well, author Paul Jury playfully points out the bad ones in a promo video he calls '50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes.'

Jury, who just wrote a book called 'States of Confusion: My 19,000-Mile Detour to Find Direction,' squeezes out the hate from sea to shining sea in a mere 120 seconds.

Read more for a link to the transcript and to see the video.

From the chill lifestyle of Hawaii ("If you lived here, you'd be lazy too") to the arrogance of New York ("World's 14th biggest city, first biggest ego"), to the corn fields of Nebraska ("Footballs, drawls, and overalls"), Jury leaves no state untouched.

I'm not sure where all of his stereotypes  came from, some of them are fairly obvious, but I wasn't aware Colorado had a cocaine problem ("SNOW, I mean cocaine. We're also known for skiing").  But it's still a funny video and pretty clever overall.

Don't have the stomach to see him rip all the states in our fine union? No sweat. Check out the transcript to pick and choose which you'd like to see. Otherwise, enjoy Jury's send-up.