Everyone who loves to ski in Aspen, Colorado has probably enjoyed a daydream or two about living in one of the 5 amazing single-family homes actually located on Aspen Mountain. 

Who are the five lucky families who own these incredible properties? We may never know the answer but there is an opportunity to join this exclusive community right now in the listings at Realtor.com

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730 South Galena Street in Aspen, Colorado

The home at 730 South Galena Street in Aspen features 10 bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms. You'll own 1.4 acres on Aspen Mountain. Should you ever sell you'll be able to literally name your price. This home has three levels and was completed in 1979.

Live 100 Yards from the Aspen Mountain Gondola

Scroll on to see the exact location of this 1.4-acre lot on Aspen Mountain. You'll be able to enjoy a ski-in-ski-out area larger than a football field. This private residence sits in a grove of Aspen trees positioned so that you can enjoy seeing the gondolas and skiers in motion while you enjoy the balcony space fit for a king.

Check out the Chandelier and Statue

Inside this home are some incredible features that will take your breath away. The chandelier reminds me of the golden rings you see on display at the Olympics. The views from the living room are incredible, and if you can stop gazing out the window for a moment you'll notice this home also has a private theatre. Outside there is an observation tower that lets you see the action on the mountain and the incredible views.

Sure the price tag is out of this world, but If I can just win the Colorado Powerball twice in one lifetime she's mine!

The Chandelier and Statue are Almost Worth this Aspen Colorado Home's Price Tag

The photo gallery below is a chance to see what it would be like to live at one of the best addresses in Aspen, Colorado. If you love to ski, how awesome would it be to own one of only five single-family homes on Aspen Mountain? Scroll on to see an amazing example of a Colorado dream home.

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