This guys must have been bored on the dreadful laundry day. A Photographer has took it upon himself to recreate some of his favorite album covers with his own laundry. Pretty neat idea if you can get past the smell.

Musical tributes have become a norm on the modern internet, but one music fan has found an original way to cut through the swarm of social media and make himself known.

His idea? Recreating famous album covers with his socks.

Using a Tumblr blog, the artist pieces together his rainbow-flavored sock collection and snaps the result to share with the world. You can see a couple of our favorites below.

Who is behind this refreshing digital treat? A little known British photographer called Thom Moore.

Rock albums he's literally covered include releases from Pink Floyd, Primal Screa and The Strokes.

According to his twitter, Thom also wants to tackle other classic covers like those from Led Zeppelin.

His smelly adventures continue on his blog "Famous album covers recreated with my socks". Here's a couple next to the original for you to compare:

And here are some of his other pieces...

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