Have you heard any of this in the news or on social media lately? A Study has come out that indicates a common ingredient you may put in your coffee could help treat aggressive cancers.

Coffee TSM
Coffee TSM

A team of researchers from the University of Florida College of Medicine have reported that  saccharin, an artificial sweetener found in sugar substitutes reacted with proteins found in aggressive cancers.These particular proteins are responsible for the spreading of certain cancers such as breast, liver and prostate cancer.

The researches say that if you can interrupt the protein, you can possibly stop it from growing. Research that started in Italy indicated that saccharin would selectively block the spread of the cancer through the protein.

This new news on the effects that saccharin has on certain cancers is a potential breakthrough in fighting of some of the quickest killing cancers known to man. There is now a possibility of turning an everyday sweetener into a cancer fighting agent. It may now be the focus of anti-cancer drugs.

Researchers warn that you should not start adding loads of saccharin to your coffee and foods. They are excited about what this means and what it could mean. Especially considering that this everyday ingredient was once looked at as a potential health threat because of carcinogens. 

At the end of the day the goal of researchers is to develop drugs that could slow the growth of these cancers and hopefully make them respond better to chemo and radiation. They say saccharin’s effects are now being tested on breast and liver cancer cells.


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