So that title may be a little discriminatory, and since I don't want anyone to think that I am some sort of jerk, I must say that not all of the Minnesota Wild's fans are crazy chicks. But there is at least one fan from last nights Colorado Avalanche game in Minnesota that is more restraining order type than girlfriend type!  

**Warning: Video contains NSFW language and a woman going absolutely bat-sh** crazy.**

During every stoppage in play at a hockey game there are little skirmishes, it's part of the game, and also a good time to go grab another beer... Unless you are a crazy bitch who thinks that the players care what you have to say!

Not sure if the players cared what she had to say, hockey fans across the nation all thought this chick was nuts, and a #LadyInPink hashtag began to trend.

Alyssa Nelson, who happens to also be a Hooters girl. She Tweeted:

So I am here to warn you, if she does come to Colorado be careful! She is super hot, but it's a disguise for her craziness! Stay as far away from the Lady in Pink as you can get... Better yet, no one better let her ass into the Pepsi Center! GO AVS!!

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