This morning I was perusing some of artists' Facebook pages and discovered Andy Grammer revealing the one song that influenced his entire career. The theme song from "Saved By the Bell."

He gives you a somber and sentimental lead up in the video that makes you think it will be some tear-jerker of a song, but then at 53 seconds in he and his band mates bust into an acoustic rendition of the song that played 6 times on my television every afternoon as a kid.

Saved By The Bell

I can't even count the hundreds, if not thousands of times I heard that song in my younger years. I remember it was on back to back on three different stations so with some creative use of the remote I could catch most of 6 episodes a day of the antics of the Bayside High kids.

Now for a little nostalgia, check out the 'where are they now' photo gallery from New York Daily News.

Apparently Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Jessie, Kelly, and Mr. Belding have all led vastly different lives since 'Saved By The Bell' came to an end.

Let's be honest, yes,  Jessie was in 'Showgirls' but, Screech was the last one of those kids I thought would have ever ended up with his own sex tape.  Eww.

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