We're very lucky to live in the region that we do. It is growing every day and I think we can all agree there is something for everyone. But not every town is lucky. 

In a recent study covered by ABC 7 Denver, Cherry Hills Village was ranked #4 in the country as "Most Boring Small Town to Live in" by the website AreaVibe. Here is how AreaVibe came up with their rankings:


  • % of Population Over 35 (higher is more boring)
  • % of Married Households (higher is more boring)
  • Median Age (higher is more boring)
  • % of Households With Kids (higher is more boring)
  • % of Households With People Over 65 (higher is more boring)
  • Population Density (lower is more boring)

So thinking about how AreaVive came up with their rankings, if a study was done on Northern Colorado, which city/town do you think would top the list?

Even with everything that Fort Collins has going on, would you rank that as the most boring?

How about Red Feather Lakes with it's distance as far as it is from the "epicenter" of Northern Colorado?

Or does Estes Park top the list for you?

Check out the poll below and let us know which city/town you would rank at the top, and we'll post the results later in the week!