A previous version of this story stated that Amazon had left a mere 1,000 packages in Cheyenne. Clearly, math is not this writer's strong suit, as 100 pallets multiplied by 100 items on each would equal 10,000 packages. That error has been corrected. Apologies.


They bring the stuff you need, the stuff you want, and the stuff you forgot you ordered. Amazon drivers are always out there, making deliveries up to a point.

It's definitely not the easiest of jobs, going town to town, up and down stairs, dealing with pets, all to get those packages to where they're destined to be. What would Coloradans do if Amazon said they wouldn't deliver to Denver? Cheyenne is feeling that sting.

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Seeing that blue Amazon van pulling up to your door or business gives you a little rush like it's your birthday or Christmas. The packages (which you've paid for) are like presents; you get a sense of giddiness. We often don't think a whole lot about how the driver's day or week is going; we just want our "stuff."

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Many people in the Cheyenne area were not getting their stuff; recently, according to CowboyStateDaily.com, over 10,000 Amazon packages were dropped off at the main Cheyenne post office, forcing other post offices in the city to shut down so that staff could help with distribution and delivery. A post office worker stated that Amazon drivers are refusing to deliver in Cheyenne until the weather improves in May.


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There was a bad blizzard in Cheyenne recently, which has apparently made Amazon drivers very reluctant to return to the Cowboy State. It's unclear if the drivers can actually refuse to deliver in Cheyenne, but they did drop off over 100 pallets with over 100 packages at the main Cheyenne Post Office.

The next time you get an Amazon delivery, remember that your stop may be the easiest one for them that day.

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