Over the last several months, people all around the world have rallied together in a code of silence, so to speak. Of course, I'm talking about not revealing the answer to today's Wordle game, proving that maybe there's hope for humanity after all.

Wordle was created at the peak of the COVID pandemic by a guy named Josh Wardle specifically for he and his significant other to play. Then he shared it with his family and a few friends. Everyone loved it so he decided to make it public online in October of last year, and it spread from there.

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In a nutshell, you have six guesses to figure out a five letter word. With each guess, by different color identifiers, it'll tell you if the letter you guessed is in the right slot of the actual word, or if it's in the word but in a different position.

Part of the appeal is its simplicity. You get one word a day. No ads. No frills. Just fun. Oh, and you can share the results in a cryptic language of yellow and green cubes on your socials, and everyone gets the same word so it's kind of like being in a secret club. So many have shared their results online that the game quickly spread like wildfire and Wardle - as in Josh Wardle, its creator - ultimately received an offer and cut a deal with the New York Times to sell the game for an undisclosed amount of money, somewhere in the low seven figures. That's a million dollars-plus, if you were wondering.

Now that the New York Times runs the game, so far they've done the honorable thing and left it in its simple state. Just one word a day, the same concept and the same ability to share your result on your socials.

But what about those of us who want MORE than just one word a day? Fortunately, quite a few knock offs have popped up online, some a bit more risqué than others.

Wordle-Inspired Alternative Word Games to Check Out

Wordle became all the rage at the end of 2021 into 2022, so much in fact that it was acquired by the New York Times. The best part about the game is its simplicity. But that blessing can also be a curse... what if you want to play for more than one word a day? Fortunately there's some alternative games for you to check out.

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