Its the start of a new month and did you know that every day of June has something going on?

June is full of weird days and in case you want to celebrate them, here they are.

June 1st- Flip a Coin Day

June 2nd- National Rocky Road Day

June 3rd- National Repeat Day (or Copycat day)

June 4th- Embarrassing Ailments Day

June 5th- Fly a kite Day

June 6th- National Gardening Exercise Day

June 7th- Accordion Lovers Day

June 8th- Best Friends Day

June 9th- Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

June 10th- Iced Tea Day

June 11th- Hug Holiday

June 12th- Spoonful of Sugar Day

June 13th- Juggling Day

June 14th- World Blood Donor Day

June 15th- National Hollerin' Contest Day

June 16th- Fathers Day

June 17th- Eat your Veggies Day

June 18th- Go Fishing Day and International Panic Day

June 19th- Eat an Oreo day

June 20th- Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21st- Fly Swatting Day

June 22nd- Soap Microphone day (sing in shower)

June 23rd- Poop Out Early Day

June 24th- Creamy Pralines Day

June 25th- Log Cabin Day

June 26th- Beautician's Day

June 27th- Sun Glasses Day

June 28th- Great American Backyard Camp-out

June 29th- Camera Day

June 30th- Meteor Day

There you go! All the holiday's in June. Which are you going to celebrate?