Some folks are still trying to calm down after Adam Levine's shirtless moments during this year's Maroon 5 headlined Super Bowl Halftime Show. On the flip side, there's also a huge number of people who aren't very happy with Levine's #freethenipple display in the wake of a controversial past Halftime Show performance.

Some viewers are fuming over the fact that it's okay for Adam to go topless — even though he did keep his "daddy bracelets" on for his daughters — when Janet Jackson's nip slip, which went down during the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show in 2004, was met with immense and immediate backlash. Not only was she not invited to the Grammy Awards that year due not apologizing for the incident, but she's also never been invited back to the perform at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake, who publicly apologized, literally performed at least year's Halftime Show. So what gives?

After seeing the Maroon 5 performance, people rushed to Twitter with their thoughts, including celebrities: Criminal Minds star Aisha Tyler questioned the move while George Takei blamed the organizers for even letting Levine take the Super Bowl stage to begin with.

Celebrities weren't the only ones questioning the apparent hypocrisy. Charlotte Clymer, who works at the Human Right Campaign, thinks the moment opens an even bigger conversation beyond the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

"This country should have a serious chat about why Adam Levine’s nipples are, uh, apparently 'acceptable' on TV but Janet Jackson was shamed and blacklisted for something she didn’t even do," Clymer tweeted.

And she wasn't the only one who felt similarly about the incident. Below, see what others thought about Adam Levine's shirtless Halftime Show moment in light of Janet Jackson's "Nipplegate" controversy.

Adam Levine's Shirtless Performance at Super Bowl 2019

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