The fact that a vegan restaurant is replacing a pancake chain might be good news or bad news in your eyes — but either way, it's happening.

The Gold Leaf Collective will move into the vacant former IHOP building at 1002 S. College Ave.

According to The Coloradoan, the vegan restaurant's owner Taylor Smith signed a lease for the location two weeks ago, and plans to entirely renovate the space.

The eatery already has a location at 120 W. Laurel St., which will stay open until the new space is ready.

Smith said the move is necessary in order to accommodate the restaurant's growing customer base. The new location will offer more breathing room and parking than its current 20-seat space.

It will also allow Smith to have his other businesses (Rustic Donut, the Silver Seed, and Gold Leaf Creamery) under one roof.

While the new location isn't expected to open until January of 2021, construction is already underway.

The old building's dropped ceiling is gone, with a new A-frame ceiling in its place. Smith wants to add an outdoor patio as well.


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