For many, the Standley Lake Eagle Cam is an incredible look into the life of an animal they've never seen up close before: the camera, set up by the City of Westminster in 2017, is said to not disturb the birds in any way, and recently it's given us a look into the miracle of life.

Governor Polis shared his excitement Friday afternoon, April 9, on Facebook, claiming, "A second Bald Eagle chick has hatched at Standley Lake Regional Park!" We get it, Polis, we're pretty excited about this, too.

You can try to catch the baby bird on the Eagle Cam right here. According to the City of Westminster, bald eagles usually lay their eggs in the last weeks of February:

In 1996, the eagles successfully produced their first pair of offspring. That success has continued for the last 23 consecutive years, with two eaglets hatching each of those years, except in 2015 and 2017 when they were successful in raising three eaglets!

For incubation time and when the eagles first leave the nest, click here for further info.

According to The Know by the Denver Post, the proud eagle parents do not have names, they are simply referred to as mom and dad. This helps fans of the Eagle Cam understand that these are wild animals and not pets.

Can you spot the newborn?

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