As Larimer County moves into the Red, 'Severe Risk,' level of restrictions for restaurants and business, some in Loveland are protesting.

According to the Reporter-Herald, 66 businesses say they will continue using the Level Yellow requirements, disregarding Larimer County's Level Red health order.

The businesses could be punished by losing their state licenses, according to the Denver Post.

Well-known Loveland restauranteur, Clay Caldwell, has been one of the spokespeople for the group; on Tuesday, November 24, he held a press conference about the group's decision.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Caldwell stated that the group feels that it makes no sense that restaurants have to close their doors for sit-down dining, while people are allowed to stand in a line at big box stores.

The group is hoping that Larimer County can implement a five-star ranking system, like is being used in Mesa County, where each business is looked at independently, instead of a 'wide brush' over all businesses within the county.

The Loveland group does care about those who may be affected by COVID-19l, but they also care about the businesses that will be affected by shutdowns, stating it should be about meeting the needs of the community as a whole.

Here are 15 of the 66 businesses and restaurants taking up the cause:

  • Loveland Chophouse
  • Betta Gumbo
  • Cactus Grille
  • McGraff's American Grill
  • CJ's Patio Grill
  • Axe to Grind
  • Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
  • Catch-All Mini Storage
  • Big Beaver Brewing
  • Berthoud Brewing
  • Rock Coast Brewery
  • Dratz Brewing Company
  • Blue Mesa Salon & Boutique
  • Aqua Bay Tans
  • AKA Kitchen

Get the full list, and more on the story from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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