Most people like Disney, right? I like Disney too! No, I love Disney! I’m a man with a Mickey problem and I’m here to confess it all!

My first Disney trip, to the classic Disneyland in Anaheim, California was when I was 1 year old. Obviously, at 1, I remember nothing about my trip! The only reason I even know I was there is that my parents have a picture of me with my Mom holding me, next to Goofy, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! After that trip, it took about 15 years to get back to the Happiest Place of Earth but it was well worth the wait as I just fell in love with everything about it. We then took a family trip a couple of years later to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I was blown away!

On the trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, my now wife came out a few days after we were there and that was her first time as well! Fast forward a few years and a couple of awesome little girls later, we decided they were both old enough to enjoy the parks so we got Grandpa & Grandma on board and we booked a flight to Anaheim! I’ll be honest, we spent A LOT of time standing in line to meet Characters and Princesses this trip. My girls were 3 and 5 so the rides weren’t completely their jam but we still hit some rides! My dad wanted to start the day with Pirates of the Caribbean which is a “dark ride” and so both girls were scared, but the reaction to that ride was nothing compared to the kicking and screaming my 5-year-old did when we went on Small World! Or the screaming from both of them when we went on Little Mermaid! Anybody who’s been to Disney knows how family-friendly both of those rides are!

That amazing trip ended turning into a yearly summer trip. In recent years we’ve tried to go at least two times a year! Heck, we even went to a food festival event inside of California Adventure back in April, without rides, before the state of California let them fully re-open! It may sound crazy, but we just love it. My wife and I find ourselves explaining to people (way too often) that Disney is just a vibe, and it makes us happy. Something about being in a Disney Park lets us be kids and mostly unplug for a few hours. The picture above was taken at California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort at their Oggie Boogie Bash in October, it was so much fun! Have you ever been to a Disney Park? What’s your favorite ride? Open up our station app and send me a message!

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