If you watch any local TV station you’ve no doubt seen them tout about winning awards from the Colorado Broadcaster Association, especially FOX31 and 9News as they win A LOT. Well, I do too!

The Colorado Broadcasters Association holds a yearly banquet in Denver to showcase and award all of the amazing local talents we have in the box state.  When I first got into radio, this event was always down in the Denver Tech Center where all of the big Denver radio stations broadcast, but in recent years it’s been held right in the heart of downtown Denver.

The very first CBA Awards event that I got to attend was in March of 2006. I wasn’t nominated for anything because I was too new and wasn’t able to submit it in time. That night though, as I watched my peers get called up on that stage all night I knew I wanted my name to be called for an award too! As a young 20-year-old kid in radio, to be spotlighted and recognized in front of all of your peers, some of whom I’d listened to or watched for years growing up in Denver, seemed like the best thing ever! I soon learned, it was.

Fast forward one year later, back in that same room, surrounded by many of the same Colorado broadcast legends, except this time, I was nominated for “Best Major Market Night Show!” My first CBA nomination ever, and guess what? I won! I’ll never forget the feeling of getting my first win! Hell, I even remember what I was wearing!

Since that night, I have been lucky enough to have been awarded “Best Major Market Night Show” 4 times and “Best Major Market Afternoon Show” 3 times, including just this past April! I’ve also had the privilege to be a part of winning 8 “Radio Station of the Year” trophies in the last 10 years. Being given an award for creating fun local content and being so involved in my community is the coolest thing ever and I’m so proud to have been able to do all of this with you! It simply wouldn’t be possible without you here with me so, Thank You! Thank YOU for years of support and I’m looking forward to many, many more!

By the way, the picture at the top, with two of my absolute favorite people in the world,  was my all time favorite CBA Night. It was that night that we got to honor the late, great Stu Haskell. Miss you, Uncle Stu!

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