I'd like to take your mind off of the Broncos less-than-stellar performance this past Sunday.  Unfortunately, the best way I can do that right now is to point out another way Denver looked dumb before the world, on that same day.

While I don't watch much football, I'm told this isn't the first time NBC Sports showed a backdrop of Denver that was completely inaccurate, but it is the first time 9 News reached out to call them on it.

In the life-like picture, the mountains are right next to Denver, like literally right outside the studio windows.  And in between the studio and the mountains?  DIA!  Now the mountains we may have been able to let slide, but Denver International Airport being not only within the same hemisphere as the city, but apparently on the west side of I-25?  It was definitely time someone said something.


The response from NBC Sports:

Every city vista is a graphic representation of the home city’s important landmarks. Every week, we use pictures of those landmarks to construct appealing backgrounds for viewers that give a taste of the home city."

While this could be laughable at best (offensive at worst?) for Denverites, you have to admit:  It would be pretty amazing to have the mountains that close by, and to shorten the drive to DIA... But to have to drive around DIA to head up 70?  Noooo thank you!!

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