The leather jackets.  The scrunchies.  The neon athletic shorts.  The eighties had some incredibly RAD trends that we, honestly, can't help but miss.

Luckily, this coming weekend [July 8] the eighties are rolling back into town when RETRO hits the stage at Friday Fest in downtown Greeley.  It's Go-Cup Night on the 9th Street Plaza, which means that you can literally take your beer or liquor to go rather than sit in the same bar and wait to finish your fare.

While you're walking around with your drinks and listening to the hits of the past, why not represent with some ace '80s accessories and trends that'll take you back to the Danger Zone?

Here are 8 ways to make your night totally bitchin'.

  • 1

    Break Out the Mom Jeans

    Lucky for you, these are coming back in style so you won't even look like you're waxing nostalgic. Raid your mom's closet and grab those loose, high-waisted Jordaches-- you'll be the belle of the ball.

    Only1Copy via Etsy
    Only1Copy via Etsy
  • 2

    Grow Out Your Hair (And Crimping Wouldn't Hurt)

    Fellas, take it from Whitesnake: long hair is the only way to truly become an eighties stud. After watching this music video, we do have one suggestion-- you may want to make sure your girlfriend doesn't have the same exact look as you.

  • 3

    Get Rebellious

    Anarchist style was huge in the eighties, so break out the combat boots and smash down the rules of your oppressors....or, you know, just look super cool walking up and down the streets of Greeley.

    Atomicfireball via Etsy
    Atomicfireball via Etsy
  • 4

    Put On Every Color of Eye Shadow You Have

    OK, OK, so maybe your mom didn't layer on every shade of pink and purple she had in her makeup fanny pack, but we can bet she had to replace that neon pink blush quite a bit.

  • 5

    Grab Your Puffer Jacket

    Marty McFly wore one, and you can, too!  Forget that it's nearly 100 degrees outside...authenticity knows no temperature.

    Tempco via
    Tempco via
  • 6

    Ask For a Heileman's Old Style

    Your bartender may not know what you're talking about, but according to the first of these incredibly muffled commercials below, by drinking a Heileman's you're fully immersing yourself in the brewing culture of the eighties ( know what, you might still just want to go for Weldwerks).

  • 7

    Go From the Gym to the Bar

    Muscle tees were huge in the eighties, and luckily bro tanks are a huge thing nowadays, too.  You'll fit right in with all those UNC athletes AND rep that vintage style.

  • 8

    Don't Be Afraid to Hit the High Notes.

    When you're humming your favorite tunes from the past, don't be afraid to fully immerse yourself in the music, make like Morten Harket, and hit that high note.

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