The Sweetheart City has seen its fair share of changes over the last several years; things come and go, things get renovated. Take a look at these seven examples.

I grew up in Loveland and live in Downtown Loveland, so I have seen myriad changes throughout the years. Some changes go way back, some only a few years. We could go back to when the HP plant was in operation in the 70s, with hundreds of employees, to a time when the Outlets at Loveland didn't exist.

Most of the time, the changes come easy; you'll see something new in a location that was just an empty storefront and say, 'That's great.' Other times, you'll see something new in a spot that used to be home to something you really loved and say, 'I'm still going to miss seeing the open land that was there.'

Times change though, and like they, you have to roll with the changes. In 20 years, we'll see even more changes in our 'little town' of Loveland, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. I was just thinking of how much Highway 34, itself, has changed since the 70s & 80s today, as more and more people travel through town on their way to RMNP.

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Let's take a look at some changes that we've seen over the years, Then & Now.

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