Ok this is creepy. Something you see on tv, horror movies and maybe a documentary...but no, it's happened right here in Colorado.

According to KDVR, seven people with suspected ties to the Love Has Won cult in Saguache County are facing serious charges following the discovery of a body at a home in Moffat.

Miguel Lamboy who is believed to be a part of the Love Has Won religious group allowed people to stay at his residence when they needed a place to stay in late April. Seems like a nice thing to do, until they decided to bring in the mummified body of 45-year-old Lia Carlson, place her in the residence, and set her up as a shrine.

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When Lamboy returned and discovered the body (with its teeth exposed through the lips) he attempted to leave with this son (yeah, there was a child in the house), but they would not let him.

Lamboy then went to the Salida Police Department to report the dead woman, but because his house is located in Saguache County, his case was handed over to the sheriff's department who swiftly went to the house and arrested all of the individuals.

Two children, one belonging to Miguel Lamboy and another aged 13-years-old (who was a daughter of one of the people arrested) were removed from the property unharmed...at least physically.

Sheriffs discovered what appeared to be a mummified body wrapped up in a sleeping bag on the bed wrapped in Christmas lights and glitter-type makeup around the eyes.

Creepy...REALLY creepy.

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