With residences like this $3 million home/winery and this $7.5 million mountain abode, it's no surprise that Northern Colorado has been featured on the popular HGTV show "House Hunters."

Out of the show's 195 seasons, NoCo has made an appearance at least five times (and probably way more, but even I do not have the time to scroll through 195 seasons).

And don't worry, none of these NoCo couples sell umbrella insurance for a living.

From Fort Collins to Longmont, here are the five times "House Hunters" has featured our very own Northern Colorado.


Like the title implies, Sandra and her daughter, Anna, are an active duo searching for a home in Longmont. Sandra is hoping that she'll be able to find a house with room for a woodworking studio (she owns a sign company) that's under her $220,000 budget.

Photographer Cassie is searching for a home that is older than the 1950s and located in Old Town, Fort Collins. However, Cassie's sister thinks that she would have less issues with a newer house. But Cassie really loves antiques.

3. "It's All About the Music in Colorado" - Season 127, Episode 1

Two high school music teachers are looking for their first home in Loveland. They're hoping for a house with a music studio, but the budget is tight. The HGTV narrator wonders: "Will the mountainous city give them what they're looking for?"

4. "Crazy About Chickens" - Season 162, Episode 7

A young Fort Collins couple is determined to find space for their growing family...of chickens. Enough said.

5. "Spreading Out in Colorado" - Season 164, Episode 9

Two newlyweds are searching for their first home in Longmont, but they can't agree on what the defining feature should be: yard space or whimsical Victorian vibes?

Props to all of the above locals for undergoing the stressful process of house hunting on live television. Maybe a "House Hunters" realtor can get me a deal on that home/winery...

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