Hey Fort Collins, did you know 80’s legend Rick Springfield is going to be rocking the stage at Taste of Fort Collins this year? If not you can consider that a bonus fact, because I have five hot takes coming your way about the man and myth Mr. Rick Springfield. Weekend passes are currently $20 available at Tasteoffortcollins.com/tickets


  • 1

    Came to America in 1972

    Rick moved from the Land Down Under at the tender age of 22. At the time he had experienced success over in the outback, and decided to step up to the big leagues by taking his talents  to the City of Angels. That’s not the end of the story though, it’s just the beginning of a legend.

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    Rick wasn't a doctor, but he did play one on TV

    Fresh out of Australia, in the summer of 1972, what else was there for him to do but pursue acting while his music career sat on the back burner. He landed several smaller rolls before landing the quintessential roll of Dr. Noah Drake on the hit show General Hospital.  

  • 3

    He was really lusting over Gary’s Girl

    After he was done fooling around with acting Springfield decided shift his gaze and try and fool around with his best friends girl. That was when the 1981 smash hit, “Jessie's Girl” dropped changing his career forever, but what you probably don’t know is that it was almost Gary’s girl. Aside from not having nearly the same ring to it, it also might have cost him the friendship of his pal Gary.

  • 4

    Even though the 80’s are long gone, they still keep trying to bring Rick back

    In 2018 Mr. Springfield made a highly anticipated guest appearance on the hit ABC love letter to the 80’s The Goldbergs. In what amounted to a glorified cameo as Erica’s boss, Rick and star and showrunner Wendi McLendon-Covey took to the karaoke stage to hammer home a loose rendition of the stars 80’s hit Gary’s, wait no, Jessie’s Girls.

  • 5

    Rick wisely invested in vintage Star Wars Toys

    The life of a rock and roller takes a toll on the ol bones, but that didn’t stop rick from figuring out a means of financial security. When Rick isn’t “playing along with the charade,”  or trying to hold back from telling his friend’s girl he loves her, he’s likely buying up all the collectable toys he can get his hands on. Word on the street he has a few Star Wars action figures worth over $8,000 to $15,000 just in case he gets into a fiscal bind.

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