I love my parents, but as a child I always thought they were...lame.

Not in a mean way, but they were just so out of touch with my friends and I that I couldn't possibly have described my parents as cool.

But now, as I've had time to self-reflect during this stay-at-home order, I've realized that I am slowly turning into my parents.

And even worse...they were right about a lot of things.

1. Clouds are bright. 


I'm not totally sure why, but as a child I thought my ability to stare right into the sun was somehow a measure of my strength. My mother would wear sunglasses on cloudy days in public and I could not fathom why she would embarrass herself like that.

I have now accepted that clouds can be very bright, and wearing shades makes it much more comfortable to see. Catch me on I-25 with my sunglasses in any weather.

2. It is possible to get sick of pizza. 

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza

My mother would work so hard to make lovely dinners when I was a kid. Instead of appreciating them, I would say: "I wish we could have pizza for dinner every night."

Fast forward to me right now, and I am so. So. So sick of eating pizza in quarantine almost every night. Apologies to my favorite food...I never meant to betray you like this.

3. Grunting while getting on and off the couch is necessary. 


If my parents sat down on the couch and made even the slightest grunt, I would pull out my 'Nelson from The Simpsons' impression immediately: "Ha ha, you're old!"

Now, in my 'old' age, I've realized that grunting while getting up or down is not only acceptable, but necessary. Sometimes you just need that extra oomph to keep moving.

4. Hangovers are terrible. 

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

I never believed my parents' hangover horror stories. I would get them in college, but a slice of pizza and a glass of water was all it took to get me feeling better again.

I have now experienced hangovers so bad that I think I was actually close to seeing the light. My parents were right — the night out is not worth the hangover.

5. Kids are confusing. 

Courtesy of Axis Facebook page
Axis Facebook page

My dad would always shake his head at my cool-kid-lingo and I just thought he was so un-hip.

But now that a new generation of cool kids is getting older, I have become just as confused by them as my dad was with me.

How does Tik Tok work? What does 'and I oop' mean? Why don't I understand anymore?!

Mom and Dad, I apologize. You were not lame. You were right.

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