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It is no secret that Colorado State University fans adore their school and aim to prove this ‘fandom’ through their ecstatic school spirit. Heck, they even scream the chant, “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram,” during any sporting event as loud as possible to ensure that they get their message across.

What if I told you there was a way to achieve supreme “super-fan” status with five CSU items available for purchase on Amazon? Buying any of the following items would prove just how much Ram pride you actually possess.

  1. CSU Tongs

Everyone knows about the tradition of “grilling the buffs,” aka, grilling buffalo burgers before the big football game of the season. Why not pair this competitive grilling tradition with your very own Ram tongs? Only real CSU fans will know how detrimental these are to your grilling kit.

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  1. CSU License Plate

Who doesn’t want to drive around with Ram pride wherever they go? If you want to be in the elite Ram-fan group, stop what you are doing and buy this Ram-themed car accessory immediately. I promise, your car is dying to have its very own CSU license plate.

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  1. Stainless Steel Tumbler with Closing Lid and Straw

This CSU-themed tumbler takes “staying hydrated” to the next level. Not only will you be showing off your school spirit all over campus, but you can take it with you everywhere you go thanks to the convenience of this insulated mug. Need some ice water? Grab your Ram tumbler. Need some a hot espresso? Grab your Ram tumbler. What more could a CSU fan want?

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  1. Officially Licensed CSU Bed Set

I would say you should “eat, sleep and repeat” your Ram pride, but since you can’t really “eat” it, I will just stick with the sleeping theme. Yes, you can buy your very own CSU comforter and sham set. I know you were all curious where to find this.

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  1. CSU Coaster Set

    These coasters are more than perfect for any thirsty super-fan. Ideally, these would hold your Old Aggie beer quite nicely (and don’t pretend that you and your other Ram-fan friends buy anything other than Old Aggie).

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