Ski masks really have a whole new purpose now, as skiers and riders get to once again hit the slopes after COVID-19 cut the season short in March. Fortunately for Arapahoe Basin, they can typically get in another month of post-Memorial Day snow (sometimes they even make it to July 4), and fortunately for its visitors, with the new safety guidelines, there may not be any long lift lines — or beginners on the slopes. 

As A-Basin reopened on May 27, it was a different sight for its skiers, largely because it's capping its number of visitors, and you have to make reservations. 'No reservations, no access,' the ski area says on its website.

'Our daily total number of reservations will be for 600 skiers and riders,' A-Basin posted on Instagram.

Face coverings are also required (but most skiers and snowboarders wear them anyway).

But, if you've ever wanted to share the slopes with seasoned skiers only... this may be your time.

'This is not an experience suitable for beginners,' A-Basin said. 'To reduce injury risk, we recommend only experienced skiers/riders.'

Aside from that, it looks like typical fun spring skiing (so remember sunscreen with your face mask).

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