Sure, your human baby is cute, whatever, blahblahblah — but look at these dogs though! Give these four-legged FoCo fur babies a follow on Instagram and thank me later. 

A little about me. I love dogs. LIKE I REALLY LOVE THEM. But I can't have them in my apartment, so I follow them on Instagram and cry a little bit. These five accounts are my favorite locals to follow, and you probably should be following them, too. Enjoy!

Nico and Stella

Nico and Stella are a couple of fluffy siblings whose Instagram account involves a lot of snuggling with each other and I CAN'T EVEN.

Get in on those snuggles and follow them at @nicoandstella.

Yoshi the Pug

Hiking Horsetooth isn't just for Shepherds and Lab Retrievers. #PugsHikeToo. I mean LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE BOOTIES. LOOK AT THEM. So tiny.

You can follow Yoshi's outdoor adventures at @mrgraybeard.

Kodi Bear

Kodiak is another dog -- or, bear dog -- that will take you on adventures with his bud, @kuma_thehuskybear. They run around in the mountains, go camping and wear little bandanas. BANDANAS ON DOGS?! Stop it.

See for yourself by giving Kodi a follow at @kodiak_thebeardog.

Bart Bart

Dammit his little ears just stick out like Yoda. They're like, too big for his head AND MY GOD WHERE DO I GET A BART BART?

Follow this rescue Chiweenie at @gobartbart.

Casper the Cattle Dog

I saved Casper for last because Casper has really got a hold on me. When I was a kid, I had an Australian Cattle Dog, who we got at a shelter in Casper, WY. In addition to Casper's photos, I also follow his stories and watch the cute stuff he is doing literally ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I get a little emotional.

I. LOVE. THIS. DOG. Give in. Follow Casper at @casperthecattledog.

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