If you live in or around Windsor, there will be a vet ER opening up to take your fur baby to 24 hours a day.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

I remember one New Years Ever after coming home, we discovered that our male German Shepherd, Onyx, had a huge gash on his leg and had to rush him to the 24 hour vet. It can be stressful and late at night, you are frantically searching for one to take your pet to. Here is some information for those of you who live in Windsor or the surrounding area who have pets need to know. There will soon be a 24 hour emergency room for your pets located right here in Windsor.

Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists plan on opening a 24 emergency room that will be open seven days a week and will be the first pet emergency room in Windsor. Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists will be expanding their current location off of 392 and I-25 to accommodate the pet ER. The emergency room will expand the current location by 1,500 square feet. The expansion means that Royal Vita is hiring four full-time ER nurses, two part-time nurses and three ER doctors.

Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists Emergency Room is set to open mid-August.


Source: Coloradoan


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