The Greeley Stampede is coming up, and you know what that means. Corndogs, cowboy hats, concerts, and cars. One of the best parts of the 10-day festival is the demolition derby. Hundreds (yes, hundreds) of drivers will partake in the destructive chaos. This year's demolition derby will take place on July 7th at 2:00 PM, and tickets cost $20-25.

For those of you who may not be familiar with demolition derbies, here's a quick look at how it all works including how a winner is selected and what to watch for while you're there.

Car Rules:

Safety first, obviously. If a car is competing, it must have everything that is not metal removed (including rear seats, glass, body trim, etc.). Builders are also allowed to use any engine and any drive train in any car. You know what that means: truck engines in hatchbacks. The rules are long and tedious, but it's all for fun and entertainment. There are 5 different classes during the races: Limited Welding Class (welding allowed, but it's limited), Compact Class (refers to compact car type), Truck Class (trucks), Stock Class (meaning only stock cars and parts allowed), and Outlaw Class ("must be deemed safe"). If you wish to read the rest of the technical jargon about the rules, visit the website here. Make sure you read about the 'unlimited use of duct tape.'

Driving Rules:

Drivers must be 16, if they can get their parents to sign the waiver first. (Safety first, remember.) All drivers must make a hit every 90 seconds, and the hit "must be aggressive." It actually says that on the website. There is no alcohol allowed in the pits (but you can drink as much as you want in the stands). You must have at least two wheels in bounds at all times to continue competing; the cars drive around in an arena encircled by dirt. You are not allowed to hit the drivers door either.

How To Win:

To win your must stay in the arena, drive into the other drivers aggressively, and your car must be able to drive out of the arena after the last hit. Sounds easy right? Well, it would be if you are the only one competing. With up to 14 cars in the arena at once, there might be a little competition.

What To Watch For:

Watch out of flying debris, literally. Depending on your seats, you may see much things as pieces of metal, screws, and lots of dirt fly by your ears. If you are bringing grandma, you may want to sit a little further back. Unless grandma likes to live life on the edge. Watch out for people driving recklessly. Just like in other sports (think: NASCAR), some people only watch for the accidents. I won't admit to being one of these people, but they can be exciting to watch. Lastly, keep an eye out for fires. Chances are the engines will overheat if they get stuck together; then suddenly you can't feel your eyebrows.


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