If you've driven through a decent amount of Colorado, you've probably passed through quite a few quaint, small, picturesque towns with very few residents.

There are plenty of these cute, tiny towns all across our great state, some of which have so few residents that they barely even show up on a map.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and see 20 of the tiniest towns in Colorado.

20 of the Tiniest Towns in Colorado

Many of Colorado's tiny towns aren't exactly what you would call well-known, although some, despite being minuscule in size and population, have their own claims to fame.

For example, Lakeside Colorado only has a population of eight people but is known for its amusement park, and Conejos reported only 58 residents back in 2010 but it's home to the famous roadside attraction known as Cano's Castle.

Some of these tiny Colorado towns are just big enough to have a place for the townspeople to get together, like a community center. In fact, you'll find little more than a community center in towns like Laird and Guffey, while towns like Towner and Valdez have their own senior centers despite having so few residents.

In other tiny Colorado towns like Bonanza, Arapahoe, and Two Buttes, you'll at least find a distinct neighborhood, but that's about it as far as residential areas go.

Many of the people in these small towns value a simple life that involves going to church, as made evident by towns like Matheson and Weston having very few buildings, but churches are included in the ones that they do have.

Keep scrolling to check out these, and more, tiny Colorado towns:

20 of the Tiniest Towns in Colorado

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