Summertime can be hard for teenagers…and their parents. School is out. The kids are bored. And more than likely the parents are working.

Teenagers are not cheap. I know this from first-hand experience. It might not be easy for a teenager to find a summer job. Some jobs have an age requirement and others require some kind of experience, but there seem to be many opportunities for teens to gain experience and make money of their own.

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Dog walking could be a good job for a teenager, especially if the teen likes dogs. I guess if they don’t, then this job wouldn’t work. It might be a good idea for your teen to start with walking neighborhood dogs. My youngest child likes to walk our dog and has asked several times about getting a job at the animal shelter. According to information gathered by, the average salary for a dog walker, in Colorado, is $20.36 per hour. That’s a good little chunk of change for a teenager, or anyone else, for walking a dog.

Here are some other ideas for the teens in your life to gain some experience and some spending cash.

Tutor: If your kid is a great student, they can earn money helping younger kids with homework

Housecleaner:  if your kids already help you with housecleaning, and if they do a good job at your own home, they might already be qualified for this job.

Landscaper: I’m not sure I would let my kids drive a lawn mower just yet, but then again, I learned lawn mowing with a push mower. Many landscaping companies tend to be busier in the summer months and need extra help. The kids could also help neighbors with pulling weeds from flower beds too.

House Sitter: Though my sister is not a teenager, she frequently house sits for several of her friends. Sometimes this job requires more than one trip to someone’s home if they are gone for a while. The homeowner could have you gathering their mail, bringing in newspapers, watering plants, and even caring for their pets.

Dishwasher: I know several people who started in the restaurant business as a dishwasher. They worked their way up to eventually become very successful restaurant owners.

I heard of another interesting idea for teens, too. Help organize yard sales for people. The thought of having a yard sale and having to price items and get everything set up is really not appealing to some people. If you helped someone with a yard sale, you might even find some treasures in addition to getting paid.

Delivery drivers, babysitters, and office assistants could also be great options for teens. It seems that there are a lot of people hiring right now. Some places just need an extra person or two for the summer. Who knows. Those summer jobs could develop into a long-term career.

10 Summer Job Ideas for Colorado Teens

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