Walmart Supercenter signI lived in Windsor for seven years and every few months the conversation of, "Hey, did you hear they're building a Walmart here," always seemed to come up. Walmart bought land in Windsor back in 2007, but has done nothing with it.

The Coloradoan reports that Walmart and the Town Of Windsor are still planning on a supercenter...someday.

The planned location is between 15th and 17th streets on the north side of Main Street (Highway 392).

When will the building break ground? Who knows. The Coloradoan says Walmart has one year left on their vested property rights agreement, but they could file for another extension.

Presently, there is no timetable for construction. We will continue working closely with the Town of Windsor to ensure that when the process does move forward, the store will meet the expectations of the community and provide customers in Windsor with access to fresh food, groceries and other general merchandise at a great value.

Presently there are seven Walmart supercenters within 15 miles of the proposed Windsor location (The seventh location should open this month in South Fort Collins).

Is that too many Walmarts in Northern Colorado? Judging by how busy their parking lots are on Saturday afternoons, it might not be.